About Metablaze

Introducing an immersive racing game set in a dynamic metaverse, where players can experience thrilling races, earn rewards, and engage in a vibrant economy. In this unique gameplay to earn experience, players can challenge each other in high-speed races using their customized cars, equipped with unique NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) that enhance performance and aesthetics.


To add excitement, players can participate in bidding for races, where they compete for the opportunity to showcase their skills and win lucrative rewards. Additionally, players have the option to take on various in-game jobs, ranging from deliveries to racing event organization, earning tokens as payment and advancing their virtual careers.


To expand their influence, players can own and personalize car garages, petrol stations, and mechanic garages, where they can showcase their collection of NFT cars, offer services to other players, and generate additional income. Moreover, the game provides advertising panels within the metaverse, allowing players to monetize their virtual spaces by partnering with brands and displaying advertisements.


Step into a world where speed, strategy, and entrepreneurship collide. Experience the adrenaline of racing, the thrill of ownership, and the opportunity to build a thriving virtual empire in this metaverse racing car game.


In Metablaze, the play-to-earn mechanism is designed to provide players with opportunities to earn rewards and valuable assets while actively engaging in the game. Here are some more details about the play-to-earn features in this metaverse racing car game:


1. Race Rewards: As players participate in races and perform well, they earn tokens and valuable NFTs as rewards. These rewards can be used to upgrade cars, purchase new car parts, or even acquire rare and exclusive NFTs that enhance performance or provide cosmetic customization options.


2. Job Opportunities: Metablaze offers a variety of in-game jobs that players can undertake to earn tokens. These jobs can include delivering goods, organizing racing events, providing mechanic services, managing virtual businesses like petrol stations or car garages, and more. By successfully completing these jobs, players receive payment in tokens, allowing them to progress and expand their in-game careers.


3. Ownership and Income Generation: Players have the ability to own and personalize various establishments within the metaverse, such as car garages, petrol stations, and mechanic garages. These properties can serve as sources of income generation. For example, players can charge fees for services provided at their mechanic garages or petrol stations, attracting other players and earning tokens passively.


4. NFT Ownership and Trading: The game incorporates NFTs, which represent unique and rare car parts, cars themselves, or other valuable assets. Players can own and trade these NFTs, allowing for a thriving secondary market. By acquiring valuable NFTs and strategically trading them, players can earn tokens and potentially generate significant profits.


5. Advertising Opportunities: Metablaze provides advertising panels within the metaverse, allowing players to monetize their virtual spaces. By partnering with real-world brands or in-game advertisers, players can display advertisements on these panels and earn tokens based on the number of views or interactions generated. This creates another avenue for players to earn rewards while adding a realistic and dynamic element to the metaverse.


Overall, the play-to-earn mechanics in Metablaze aim to provide players with multiple avenues for earning tokens and valuable assets. By actively participating in races, taking on various jobs, owning and managing virtual properties, engaging in NFT trading, and leveraging advertising opportunities, players can progress, accumulate wealth, and build a thriving virtual empire within the metaverse.

MetaBlaze Economic system inside the game

In Metablaze, the game incorporates an economic system that revolves around tokens and the ownership of virtual assets. Here’s an overview of the economic aspects within the game:


1. Tokens: Metablaze has its native in-game token, let’s call it “Blaze Tokens” (BLZ). Blaze Tokens serve as the primary currency within the game’s economy. Players can earn Blaze Tokens through various activities, such as participating in races, completing jobs, and achieving milestones.


2. Play-to-Earn: The play-to-earn model in Metablaze allows players to actively earn Blaze Tokens by engaging in gameplay and contributing to the game’s ecosystem. This can include winning races, achieving high rankings, successfully completing jobs, and owning profitable virtual properties.


3. Virtual Properties: Within the metaverse, players have the opportunity to own and manage various virtual properties. These can include car garages, petrol stations, and mechanic garages. Each property can generate income based on the services provided. For example, owning a mechanic garage would allow players to charge fees for repairing or upgrading cars, while owning a petrol station could involve earning profits from fuel sales.


4. NFTs and Trading: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) play a significant role in Metablaze’s economy. NFTs represent unique and rare car parts, cars themselves, or other valuable assets. Players can acquire NFTs through gameplay, purchases, or trading with other players. Some NFTs may have special attributes or properties that enhance car performance or provide exclusive customization options. Players can trade NFTs with other players, creating a vibrant secondary market within the game.


5. Auctions and Marketplace: Metablaze features an auction system and a marketplace where players can buy and sell virtual properties, NFTs, and other in-game assets. Players can set their desired prices for items they want to sell and participate in bidding for desirable items. This allows players to earn tokens through successful trades, speculation, and entrepreneurship.


6. Advertising Opportunities: Another economic aspect in Metablaze is the availability of advertising panels within the metaverse. Players can partner with real-world brands or in-game advertisers to display advertisements on these panels, earning Blaze Tokens based on the number of views or interactions generated. This provides an additional avenue for players to generate income within the game.


Overall, the economic system in Metablaze revolves around the circulation and utilization of Blaze Tokens, the ownership and management of virtual properties, the acquisition and trading of NFTs, and the opportunity for players to earn tokens through various in-game activities. This combination creates a dynamic and immersive economic ecosystem, where players can engage in gameplay, build wealth, and pursue their virtual ambitions.